Core banking system and software solutions for fintech

Modern cost-efficient cloud-native software platform
for fintech companies and banks.
Complete software toolkit for wallet & e-money projects.
Software-as-a-Service and on-premise deployment available.

Software for digital wallets, mobile money and e-money projects by Veengu
Veengu Mobile App for Individuals and Businesses (Veengu Mobile App for individuals - accounts, payments, transfers

Finally, no CapEx or hardware

Veengu provides its software as SaaS and as software license for on-premise deployment.
For quick launch enroll to our SaaS platform as a licensed fintech provider, integrate with your partners, apply your brand book and go. Pay monthly.

Veengu is a software development company, not an e-money/wallet processor. We serve licensed financial organizations only.

A one-stop shop for your digital financial service

We serve fintechs, banks, processors, telecoms, enterprises, communities, retailers, trading exchanges and start-ups operating an electronic money service for end users – consumers, employees, traders, students, merchants, enterprises, agents – globally, in the region, town or within an organization.
Veengu Payment Software for wallets & e-money, banks & fintech

Software platform for different flavors of e-money

Veengu e-money cloud software

Financial inclusion projects​

Provide your end users with means to access a range of financial services - from peer-to-peer transfers to loans and asset management.

Individual Consumer Wallet and Merchant Wallet (white-label mobile apps for launching wallets, financial inclusion)

e-Wallets and mobile money

Connect consumers, merchants, agents, enterprises into a multi-role payment ecosystem.

Corporate Banking, Payroll, B2B payments

Enterprises, NGOs and government subsidies

Enable business-to-business transfers and payroll. Issue subsidized wallets for food and fuel.

Digital Financial Service Software by Veengu (integration with insurance, microloans, credit and debit card issuers, banks, fintechs)

Digital financial services

Enable stored value and payment services for your customers to facilitate the payment process.

Off to an easy start

Most e-money projects require significant capital investment into heavyweight software platforms, infrastructure and vendor implementation services. 

Veengu solves this problem. We offer an end-to-end 24/7 secure software platform with ready-made mobile apps and portals for end users, as well as back office for service provider operations.

Secure platform at the core

Developer portal and a public API with over 140 instantiated methods for managing users and services.

Secure deployment in Amazon (AWS) cloud tailored for financial services.

Ready-made functional packages grouped into selectable and configurable features

Encrypted storage of personal data, access credentials management and audit trails

Scalable distributed architecture and a high-performing transactional engine

24/7 availability, up to "five nines" uptime

Our industry insights

Embedded finance software platform

Integrate financial services with embedded finance software platform. Create wallets, optimise cost of purchases and refunds, enable loyalty programs and more.

Comprehensive Cross-Border Transfer Software

Veengu cross-border transfer software covers multi-party orchestration, online currency conversion, compliance, risk management, white-label solutions – setting a new standard for efficiency and reliability in global transactions.

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