Digital Wallet Platform

Individual and Merchant Wallets · Payment platform for marketplaces · Financial inclusion ecosystems · Electronic Money

Veengu Cloud Payment Platform for Wallets, Digital Banking, Fintechs

White label · Cloud · Public API · Financial engine · Profiles

Complete toolkit for quick launch

Onboarding and KYC

Onboard customers with mobile apps and dashboard screens. Review profiles and assign KYC / KYB levels. Integrate with customer screening and monitoring service.

Advanced merchant management

Let your business customers to create stores, work with team and manage devices with simple and intuitive portal. 

Payments and transfers

Enable instant money transfers by QR, phone number and account number across different roles. Charge transparent fees and taxes. 

Financial engine

Create new solutions, configure existing products, monitor transactions, view transactional statistics.

Mobile apps

Customize and brand our mobile apps for quick launch. Then continue development using Veengu apps or create a new one from scratch with our API.  

White Label Mobile Wallet by Veengu


Manage security policies for end users and your employees. Monitor all activities. Be compliant with PCI DSS and GDPR.

Integration and APIs

Develop your own frontend apps and portals for end users. Integrate Veengu into your IT landscape with multiple APIs: 

Get free sandbox environment

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