White-label fintech mobile apps

We offer white-label fintech app solutions for both established enterprises and agile startups. Furthermore, our expertise extends to developing custom mobile banking apps with features such as mobile wallets, cross-border money transfers, and mobile money. This means that while you can begin with a standard white-label app, you have the flexibility to transition to a customized app later on.

White-label banking mobile apps

White-label mobile app - self-onboarding, customer onboarding, KYC

Customer onboarding

The white-label banking mobile app offers a customer self-onboarding feature that enables users to seamlessly sign up for banking services. This process includes initial authentication, capturing essential demographic details, ID information, taking a selfie, recording the user's address, and more.

White-lable fintech app - screens of cards and accounts, wallets, payment instruments

Accounts and cards

The white-label fintech mobile app grants users access to their accounts, cards, and various payment instruments. These instruments may be directly hosted within the Veengu core platform, while others are accessible through Veengu Account Orchestration. Users can view balances, check account status, and manage the lifecycle of their accounts seamlessly within the app.

White-label fintech app - transactions ledger, transaction history, details, receipt

Transaction history

The Veengu white-label mobile app for digital wallets offers users a comprehensive overview of their transactions. This includes details on fees, information captured during transaction execution, and the option to easily share receipts with others.

white-label fintech app - payment and transfers - bill payments, cross-border transfers, incoming and outgoing transfers

Payments and transfers

The Veengu white-label banking mobile app encompasses various financial transactions, including incoming and outgoing transfers, bill payments, cross-border money remittances, peer-to-peer transfers, payments to others, and value-added services.

white-label banking app - security - pin, biometric, static password, 2FA, additional authentication


The white-label fintech mobile app offers multiple authentication methods, including one-time passwords (OTPs) sent via SMS, biometric authentication, and additional authentication through a static password (secret word).

white-label digital wallet app - qr purchases, qr transactions


The Veengu white-label banking mobile app enables users to make purchases using QR codes, which can be either static or generated dynamically by merchants in real-time. This feature provides users with a convenient and secure method of completing transactions using their mobile devices. Additionally, users can easily scan QR codes to initiate payments, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

white-label fintech app - cash deposit and cash withdrawal, agent app, agency banking, float distribution

Cash deposit and cash withdrawal

The Veengu white-label digital wallet mobile app includes features for cash deposits and withdrawals. These functions empower fintech providers to launch a closed-loop banking service without the need for additional integrations. This capability allows end-users to gradually transition from cash to digital financial services.

white-label banking mobile app - marketing, loyalty, invite a friend, user retention

Marketing tools

The Veengu white-label fintech mobile app incorporates additional marketing features such as "Invite a friend," loyalty rewards, and merchant rating capabilities. These features are designed to engage more customers and encourage long-term retention within the fintech service ecosystem.

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White-Labeling Mobile Apps with Veengu

Veengu white-label apps are built as cross-platform applications using the React Native stack, supporting both iOS and Android platforms.

The apps are published on Google Play and the Apple App Store under the accounts of our customers, not under Veengu accounts. You maintain full control over your apps.

You have the option to purchase the source code of the frontend apps and proceed with development and customizations entirely independently from Veengu at any time.

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Veengu cross-border transfer software covers multi-party orchestration, online currency conversion, compliance, risk management, white-label solutions – setting a new standard for efficiency and reliability in global transactions.

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