Core Banking System for Fintech pricing (SaaS)

Final price is calculated based on scope of features licensed to a customer. Monthly SaaS payments are subject to discounts in case of 1 year commitment. Monthly fee does not include one-time implementation fee and any customizations.

  • Test
  • Starter
  • Standard
  • Enterprise
from $900
from $2600
from $3700
Contact Sales
Veengu back-office (Core features set)
White-label mobile app for individuals
Worldwide software license
AWS computing platform cost included
Ticket-based support
Localization (multiple languages, incl. RTL)
Public API
9/5 support with SLA
Access to source code of customer-facing apps and portals
24/7 support with SLA
Online chat with technical account manager
Production instance availability commitment with Service credits
Test/staging/demo instance
Production (live) instance
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Core Banking Software - Pay as you Go

No transaction fees

$ 0
  • We work purely as as a software vendor. Your transaction revenue is your revenue.

Fee per active profile

10,000 profiles included in each profile
$ 0
04 monthly
  • Fee per active individual profile. Contact sales for merchant fees.

Additional information

  1. Veengu can announce new tariff plans. Existing tariff plans for customers are valid for 12 months since the announcement of the new tariff.
  2. Individual wallets volume extension pricing (monthly fee per one extra active account):
    1. from 10,001 to 1,000,000 – $0.04;
    2. above 1 million – contact Sales.
  3. Business wallets volume extension pricing (monthly fee per one extra account): contact Sales – depends on type of the merchant.
  4. All fees are VAT exclusive.

Contact us to find a plan that fits your project

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