Core fintech platform open for developers

Veengu approach helps developers to implement new business features in days, not months. 

Modern technology stack, public API and open-sourced frontend enable quick development and effective technology processes at your company.

Veengu for developers, API, SDK, open source, scalable

Effective and supportive

Veengu Software - core banking, wallet, white label

No costly dependencies

We use the components that are free of charge for commercial use, so you do not need to pay hundreds of thousands of US dollars for the third-party software.

Veengu Support and Project Team

Technical assistance

Veengu engineers will guide your team through the Veengu platform and help to define optimal IT architecture for your project.

Open, scalable, no legacy

Veengu is a "light" core banking platform enabling multiple ready to go capabilities to fast track your fintech project.

Microservices architecture allows high scalability and flexible component-based implementation.

Veengu is cloud-native and cloud-agnostic platform. It can be deployed at commodity hardware and horizontally scaled further.

We use modern tools for continuous delivery, seamless deployment, and testing automation.

Use our REST API layer to bring new business features fast and independently from us.

We are happy to share our frontend apps source code for further customizations by your team.

Veengu Payment Software for wallets & e-money, banks & fintech

No in-house developers yet? Not an issue!

We offer end-to-end secure cloud-native software with ready-made mobile apps and portals for end-users.

Explore and select the available Veengu functional package baseline to suit your mobile money or payment service. Request adaptations or custom functions, as required.

Veengu Project Team will build the required integrations and customize your apps as per your requirements.

Powerful API for all essential actions.
No vendor lock-in.

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