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Embedded finance software platform

Integrate financial services with embedded finance software platform. Create wallets, optimise cost of purchases and refunds, enable loyalty programs and more.

Comprehensive Cross-Border Transfer Software

Veengu cross-border transfer software covers multi-party orchestration, online currency conversion, compliance, risk management, white-label solutions – setting a new standard for efficiency and reliability in global transactions.

Light core banking system for fintech

What is a light core banking system for fintech? A light core banking system for fintech refers to a simplified and often cloud-based banking infrastructure

Cost-effective software platform for fintech

Veengu’s cost-effective software platform for fintech offers ready-made components and open APIs for e-money, wallet, and money transfer projects. No more expensive licenses or dependencies!

Open-source software for fintech

Veengu core banking platform is built with modern open-source software for fintech service foundation. No vendor lock-in. Cost efficiency.

Card issuing for fintech service

Payment cards may play a vital role in the operation of digital wallets and Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs), providing convenience and accessibility to users. Cards

KYC software solutions for fintech

For ages, banks are obliged to know information about their clients. Bank typically requested its branch visitor to provide any kind of personal ID and

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