Neobanking and Fintech platform

Veengu platform allows to run:

  • e-Money and Wallets
  • Digital banking mobile apps
  • Multi-currency wallets

Digital onboarding

Instant onboarding via mobile app or dashboard screens. Images and document flows.

Flavors of debit / credit products

Debit, credit, prepaid, multi-currency accounts. Communities and corporate structures.

Social banking

Send money to everybody within your platform. Involve people who are not involved with marketing transfers, bonuses and coupons.


Configurable workflows with third party integration to support local AML and KYC regulations.


Multi-currency wallet, instant currency conversion with fair consent user experience.

Integration with third parties

Integration with processors, payment providers, PSPs and payment aggregators.

Corporate Banking, Payroll, B2B payments

Off to an easy start.

Most e-money projects require significant capital investment into heavyweight software platforms, infrastructure and vendor implementation services. 

Veengu solves this problem. We offer an end-to-end 24/7 secure cloud service with ready-made mobile apps and portals for end users, as well as back office for service provider operations.

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