White Label Mobile Wallet

Platform for transactions between buyers and sellers, individuals and businesses. E-money deposit and withdrawal, instant P2P payments, QR and NFC purchases, transfers to third parties and payouts. 

We deliver payments infrastructure for different cases. You save money keeping community, business or marketplace funds within this ecosystem. 

Digital Wallet Software and SaaS by Veengu

Five steps to build a wallet


Define service scope and study local e-money regulations

We help with product definition, service rollout plan, end user scenarios and UX. Also Veengu supports in documenting and answering the regulatory and compliance inquiries.


Build a core team and elaborate solution landscape

Once you have clear vision of service, you may start building a team relevant experts. At this stage, we help with integration architecture and target IT landscape elaboration.


Select software vendors or build own development team

Veengu financial platform enables quick launch of essential digital wallet features. It allows to start integration, customization and acceptance of platform in days, not months.


Develop, implement, integrate, customize and brand

Many things to do… Our offer starts with secure cloud wallet platform with public API and open-source apps. Also we execute turn-key projects with integrations and customizations done by our engineers. 


Ensure security, reliability and compliance

Most of challenges come from requirements to be available 99,99%, to comply with all regulations, to cope with high load. Veengu software is designed to support these requirements. We also help with passing compliance and security audits.

Launch pilot service in days

Onboarding and KYC

Wallet KYC and onboarding SaaS by Veengu
White Label Mobile Wallet by Veengu

Payments and transfers

Financial engine

Digital Wallet Solution by Veengu

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you protect data?

Data privacy is taken into consideration before development of any feature. We use masking of personal data (pseudonymization) in part of user interfaces where this data is not important for processing. We are logging access to personal data. System has GDPR enablement features. Veengu team follows internal data protection policies and procedures.

Do you support different products?

We provide configuration of fees, limits, KYC levels, transaction subsets for smart routing, pricing and post-processing data analysis. You can manage your products as simple as you work with Microsoft Excel. On top we can deliver a custom product with unique business rules fast as we have special DSL enabling quick product creation.

How can I issue cards for end users?

Issuing a card is not a rocket science, however it requires many efforts from hardware acquisition to PCI DSS compliance. Still, there is a way to issue cards without investing a fortune. We integrate with card processing companies focused on card issuing with the set of online interfaces. One is for card lifecycle: card opening, reissuing, blocking when required. Another interface is for instant transaction authorization. On top Apple Pay/Google Pay and virtual cards issuing can make your end users experience more impressive.

What is your financial model?

We follow ‘Pay as you grow’ concept. Simple monthly payments based on selected feature package, and volumes processed. Note, with SaaS you do not need big upfront capital investment in hardware and expensive enterprise software. Also as software is maintained by Veengu you save money on staff.

Do you provide API and source code?

Any successful project is unique. Our platform plays its role and we are not pretending to be center of your ecosystem unless it makes any sense. So we expose public REST API and provide you our end user mobile apps with open source code.

Can your service do a twenty clicks onboarding like top challenger banks?

To make real ‘minutes’ experience you should capture key information at onboarding, integrate online with good KYC verification service, setup multiple KYC levels allowing non-verified customers to perform some operations within allowed limits, configure smart queues for security reviews.  All these items are possible with Veengu.

Let's talk.

We believe in a better lightweight way of launching payment services as an alternative to heavy software platforms offered by the market today.

Contact us and we will advise you on the best next steps forward.

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