Cloud core banking system for fintech

Veengu Mobile App for Individuals and Businesses (Veengu Mobile App for individuals - accounts, payments, transfers

SaaS or license for on-premise deployment

We understand that at times it is difficult to run a cloud service having regulatory restrictions and regional risks upfront. To tackle the capability of on-premise deployment, we are offering delivery of a configured Veengu software platform wrapped into Docker containers. 

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Essential feature set

Onboarding and Know-Your-Customer

Transaction engine

Accounts and ledger

Digital Financial Service Software by Veengu (integration with insurance, microloans, credit and debit card issuers, banks, fintechs)
Veengu e-money cloud software

Integration with

An operated software infrastructure for your payment ecosystem

Financial inclusion projects

Mobile money


Taking the best of Amazon Web Services ensuring scalability, performance and availability of the service

Developer portal and Open API

Extensive API for developers enabling all of the key features to be built into your application.

Friendly user interfaces

Mobile apps for iOS and Android developed with the latest industry hyper frameworks.

Fault tolerant

24/7 and "five nines" availability ensured via high-resiliency node micro-service architecture

Ready-made functional packages

You may reuse a pricing scheme, a set fraud prevention rules or other, or tailor a configuration just for you.

Secure and compliant

Encrypted storage of personal data, access credentials management and audit trails. Blockchain based action log.

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