Card issuing for fintech service

Payment cards may play a vital role in the operation of digital wallets and Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs), providing convenience and accessibility to users. Cards act as the bridge between the wallet and the user’s funds, enabling seamless payments, online purchases, and withdrawals from ATMs worldwide.

Veengu, a core software platform for fintech, offers a solution for integration with card issuers. Veengu’s capabilities allow for a smooth connection between our software platform and the card issuer’s systems. Regardless of whether you choose to partner with a partner bank, a card processing service, or CaaS (card-as-a-service), Veengu facilitates a comprehensive data flow between the platforms.

Your administrators and support officers will get a dashboard that offers access to card information and related actions, including card activation, re-issuing, balance checks, statements, and more. Veengu’s white-label mobile app empowers individual cardholders by enabling quick access to their cards, account balances, transaction history, and other essential features on the go.

When integrating with card issuing services, Veengu provides numerous advantages that enhance card management processes:

a. Single-window approach: Veengu offers full access to third-party cards and wallets through its administrative dashboard, white-label mobile app for end-users, and robust APIs, creating a seamless “single-window” experience for users.
a. Support of KYC requirements: Veengu platform can exchange KYC data following the KYC process required by third-party services for card issuing.
c. Transaction history replication: Veengu replicates transaction histories for integrated cards and wallets, allowing fintech services to access comprehensive data within their own instance of the Veengu platform for accounting, analytics, and reporting purposes.
d. Automation of manual processes: Veengu automates manual processes, such as card delivery or handling profiles that have not been approved by third-party KYC processes.
e. PCI DSS compliance: Veengu provides token-based integration with card management systems, enabling fintech services to minimize their PCI DSS audit scope and enhance security.

If you’re looking to implement cards as part of your fintech service offering, Veengu is here to assist you. Contact our team today to discuss your project requirements, explore the benefits of integrating with Veengu, and discover how our platform can streamline your card issuing operations.

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