Mobile money for your core non-fintech service

Whenever a mass market service is successful, the next natural step is often to complement the core business model with a mobile money and a payment service.

Some of the notable examples include:

  • a retailer or a marketplace, connecting sellers and buyers
  • a telecom business in need of a mobile ewallet to enable payments for telco services and introducing another service channel
  • a trading platform to cater to slow traders and to enable cash-in, cash-out and mass market services, including a multicurrency (crypto) wallet
  • an insurance business
  • a lottery

SaaS offers a convenient way for those enteprises to instantly launch a mobile money additional to their core offering to consumers.

A typical setup encompasses a standard Veengu package that includes:

  • Mobile apps with digital onboarding of consumers, tailored to the local regulatory KYC requirements
  • Cash-in and cash out operations
  • QR-based peer-to-peer transfers
  • Integration with a core service with channeling ot service promotions and an instant purchase

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